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From Twitter 11-24-2010

  • 12:53:59: I've got a brand new shiney ambulance and already it's broken. :-)
  • 12:57:02: RT @doctorow: USELESS GOBSHITES http://tinyurl.com/3aguype #ireland #redtops #journalism #funny #bailout
  • 13:04:02: Bloody catheters! I hate bleeds from catheters.
  • 13:05:49: outnorthwest 101 tomorrow features a Corrie special. Ant Cotton interview. A few months back he got pissed and hit on my wife's BFF's hubbie
  • 13:08:12: ONW is a pretty good tabloid style mag with a LGBT theme but something in there for everyone. When's the SF special?
  • 13:09:12: Better phone home. Check on the missus.
  • 15:47:56: Sent to crap job down in Granton but luckily witnessed an RTC at Sheriffhall that became our priority instead.
  • 15:58:53: I just know that if I close my eyes the batphone will ring.
  • 17:56:59: tWhat kind of twats brand a 5 year old as fat on the basis of BMI? FFS it takes no account of bone or muscle mass. My Tommy is solid muscle.
  • 17:58:46: I'm soooo fucking angry. Fucking NHS Borders are a bunch of fucking morons. Kept quiet about all the maternity fuck-ups but this is too much
  • 18:09:49: Peace at last. The Bluesuits have left the building. :-)
  • 18:37:59: Things to do while waiting for the next job. Play in DazStudio. http://twitpic.com/39sihi
  • 22:35:49: Fucking wankers! Just got home and checked Tommy's BMI on the NHS website and he is a "healthy weight" for his age & height.
  • 23:50:11: #ebz Cat-chasing is more popular than ever in some quarters of the city, but the Duchess has let it be... http://fallenlondon.com/c/463489

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