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In the Still of the Night

Good grief, has it really been so long since I added anything to LJ? Well I suppose with 4 kids, work being busier than ever, distractions like Facebook & Twitter and general malaise have held me back. So much has happened.

Martha our latest edition is rapidly approaching six months old and she is a little angel apart from still not really settling through the night. She’s a lot of fun a developing well. Her big brother Alfie is coming on as well despite Jane & her mother having concerns about possible signs of autism/Asperger’s. To me he is just plain bloody minded. The other two are fantastic kids if messy as hell and Katie is turning into a genuine geek (so proud).

We came quite close to losing our house in November due to a bit of head-in-sand numptiness on my part. Despite transferring the money to the lenders to completely pay off the mortgage from my savings with a week to spare they didn’t acknowledge and cancel the eviction team until an hour before the set time (claiming money laundering regulations). Scary but my own fault.

On the bad news side, Phil, my father-in-law, has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease. This diagnosis has been a long time coming and has kind of put a dampener on any plans we were making for Jane’s 40th birthday later this year. His mobility has badly deteriorated and is on constant low flow o2 therapy due to inefficient diaphragm action. He has an alternative therapy at night which has replaced the CPAP and BiPAP machines he’d previously been on. It seems to have brightened him considerably but considering just as they were checking him out they discovered his blood CO2 was about 3 times normal, it arrived just in time. Sue, my mother-in-law has written him off, not expecting him to see out the year but I’ve hope for him yet.

Work has had its ups and downs. The whole meal break activation fiasco has now seen us back to where we were 8 years ago. Working 12 hour shifts and not seeing a break for 9 or more hours if at all and being kept late to cap it all. Ah well. I’ve seen some absolute humdingers of jobs too. The most outrageous being late last year when someone had his throat slit in Haddington, a real “Holy Shit!” of a job. I’ll write that one up later. Got a pic too but obviously I can’t publish that.

I’ve mentioned before about getting back into the Warhammer 40k hobby, well that’s been slow going like this blog. I’ve got loads of troops,vehicles and scenary but virtually no time to assemble and paint them. A shame because I get a zen like calm when I am modelling.

I did set up a blog for old memories over on blogger and have included a few events that stand out. That has been fun. I’ll pop more up there if there is time. I’ve also written a piece of short fiction that I would have liked to submit to the Red Phone Box anthology but lack the confidence in my writing to do so. I’ll happily post it up in the next few days for critique.

This entry has been written on MacJournal but I’m going to swing on by good old journal later to see if it’s working at all. Take care folks.




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